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Generac Solar Battery

Generac Solar +Battery Storage: Advancing Sustainable Energy Solutions

What is the Generac PWRcell?

The Generac PWRcell is a stand-alone energy storage and management system. It is designed for residential use and may function with or without the addition of solar panels.

When paired with a solar panel, the Generac PWRcell can be used to power homes and businesses, similar to the Tesla Powerwall, Enphase IQ, or LG Chem Resu.

GeneracPWR Cell.JPG

A typical Generac PWRcell consists of these components;

  • PWRmanager
  • PWRgenerator
  • PWRcell battery
  • PWR inverter
  • PWRcell battery cabinet

The PWR manager closely resembles a WiFi router. It basically monitors energy usage and sends notifications to all connected smart devices. On the other hand, the PWR generator is a fast-charging component that quickly recharges the battery.

You only need up to a square meter to install the PWRcell unit outside your residence. The outside components include the PWRcell battery cabinet and inverter.

How many kWh is a Generac PWRcell?

The Generac PWRcell has an 8.6 kWh capacity and a 4.5 KWh output. This is the basic PWRcell package.

Users can also opt to upgrade the capacity and output from 8.6 kWh to 18 kWh. However, this upgrade comes at a higher cost.

As of 2023, users will pay upwards of $2,000 per battery added to the PWRcell battery cabinet.

What is the cost of the Generac PWRcell?

The Generac PWRcell costs between $12,000 and $18,000. The price difference is mainly due to model type, and different dealers or suppliers.

Furthermore, the cost is higher when you add solar panels and extra batteries to the PWRcell. For instance, adding 22 solar panels will add an extra $29,000.

Extra batteries also come at a rate of $2,000 each. If you plan on purchasing more than six batteries, then you should consider getting an extra battery cabinet. Each cabinet costs between $3,000 and $3,300.

For an average-sized household, expect to spend upwards of $18,000. This will also include the cost of adding solar panels.

Does the Generac solar cell battery qualify for the federal tax credit?

Yes. Generac solar batteries are eligible for the federal tax credit. Under the Inflation Reduction Act, energy storage devices with a capacity of about 3 kWh and above are eligible for the tax credit.

Keep in mind that the Federal solar tax credit has a timeline, which may affect the discount rate. For solar installations between 2023 and 2032, you will receive a 30 percent discount in the form of a tax credit.

On the other hand, the discount rate will fall to 26% and 22% in 2033 and 2034, respectively.

Why choose the Generac PWRcell?

The Generac PWRcell is a major player in the residential solar industry. Some of the reasons behind its appeal include:

1. It enables users to remove or add batteries based on their energy demand.
Users don't need to worry about purchasing an entirely new battery when energy demand increases. New couples may benefit from this since they are able to add more batteries as their family size increases.

I2. t is relatively safe to install and use.
Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, the battery system is installed outside a residence. Since it's situated outdoors, users don't need to worry about internal fire outbreaks from different hazards.

3. It is more efficient than competitors like the Tesla Powerwall.
The Generac PWRcell does not use an inverter. Instead, it sends solar energy directly into a DC-coupled generator and batteries. You may purchase the PWRcell inverter to connect multiple PWRcell battery cabinets.

In addition to these pros, the product will automatically switch to battery power in the event of an outage. Also, it sends real time notifications on energy usage to your smart devices.

Features Generac PWRcell Tesla Powerwall 2 LG Chem
Cost $10,000-$18,000 $10,000-$12,000 $9,000-$11,000
Capacity size 9-18 kWh 13.5 kWh 9.8 kWh
Technology Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Weight 177kg 125kg 31 – 99.8kg
Maximum continuous output 4.5-9 kW 5 kW 5 kW
Round-trip efficiency 96.5% 90% 94.5%
Warranty 10 years 10 years 10 years

Generac Solar Battery

How Does the Generac PWRcell Work?

The Generac PWRcell stores energy either from the solar panel or grid. Then, it releases the energy when the solar energy is insufficient to cover your energy needs. For solar users, this occurs during nighttime or bad weather conditions. Also, the PWRcell will automatically power the home in the event of a power outage.

Note that the Generac PWRcell provides more than battery function. It also serves as an energy monitoring system for homes. For example, it tracks your daily and annual electricity usage. Furthermore, it only pulls electricity from the grid when the rates are low. In this case, the PWRcell will switch to battery use.

What are the components of a PWRcell design?

The PWRcell consists of these components:

  • PWRcell battery cabinet
  • Smart management modules
  • PWRview monitoring system
  • PWR monitoring app
  • PWR automatic transfer switch

The PWRcell battery cabinet

The cabinet houses the lithium-ion battery modules. It is designed to contain up to six 3 kWh lithium-ion batteries. That said, the cabinet is placed outside the residence. It has a strong metal exterior that's designed to withstand external weather conditions.

Smart management modules

In simple terms, the smart management module monitors every aspect of energy usage in a residence. Users may think of it as a central energy hub. It sends real-time notifications to connected smart devices on energy usage and overload. In addition, it also prevents charge overloads in batteries.

Automatic Transfer Switch

Just like the name implies, it automatically switches energy usage from the grid to the battery and vice versa. Furthermore, you can set up the ATS to only switch energy for important appliances, such as the HVAC system.

The PWRcell battery

Generac PWRcell uses 3 kWh lithium-ion batteries, which are housed in the battery cabinet. Furthermore, all PWRcell systems come with three batteries, and users may choose to upgrade the number to six. The batteries have a 10 year warranty.

PWRcell app

The app receives real-time notifications from the smart management module. It's compatible with most smartphones.

Can a Generac solar battery backup a home?

Yes. The Generac solar battery is designed to handle the energy demands of an average-sized household. It features a total of 9 kWh of battery capacity. Users may choose to increase the capacity by purchasing more battery modules.

Can you use Generac PWRcell without solar?

Yes. The Generac PWRcell is a stand-alone unit that can function without connecting to a solar panel. In the absence of a solar panel, the product will automatically draw energy from the grid when the rates are cheaper.

Nevertheless, it is more cost-effective to install a solar panel alongside the PWRcell unit.

Are Generac batteries good for solar?

Yes. Generac batteries are a great option for solar installations due to these reasons.

They have a long lifespan. Generac PWRcell contains lithium-ion batteries, which have a long lifespan and require less maintenance. Lithium-ion batteries also have a high discharge rate, between 85% and 100%.

Also, the batteries come with a 10-year warranty, which makes them suitable for a long-term project like solar energy. The warranty covers the replacement and repair of defective parts within the timeframe.

Note that the company will only cover repairs performed by an independent authorized service dealer.

The battery cabinet is also another reason why these batteries are good for solar. They protect the batteries from weather conditions and damage due to wear and tear.

What's the lifespan of a Generac PWRcell

According to the manufacturer, the Generac PWRcell has a 25-year lifespan, while the battery only lasts for ten years. In addition, the product comes with a 10-year warranty. Keep in mind that the lifespan may increase or decrease depending on usage.

Generac Solar Battery Installation

How Much Space Does the PWRcell Need?

You only need up to a square meter to install the PWRcell unit outside your residence. The outside components include the PWRcell battery cabinet and inverter. Other such components, such as the smart management module, are quite portable and do not require much space. If you are also installing the PWRcell generator, you'll need to create an additional outdoor space. The generator has a base width of more than 1.2 meters.

Is One Generac PWRcell Enough?

Yes. One Generac PWRcell system is enough for an average-sized household. A PWRcell system has the capacity to generate 9 kWh. However, you can increase the battery capacity to suit your energy needs. Users can add a maximum of six batteries to increase the capacity to 18 kWh.

Note: The basic package features three battery modules and the PWRcell battery cabinet contains a maximum of six battery modules.